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The 2008 Honda motorcycles are nothing short of spectacular. Its deeply rooted history churning out model updates like clockwork along with revamped power performance motorcycles that bring about debate over its street legality is remarkable. With that said, its lineup of 2008 Honda motorcycles is full of promise, with seven major models including the TRX, sporty CRF, versatile VTX, and the Big Red.

If you’re a motocross enthuasiast, you’ll appreciate the CRF/450R model that won Cycle World’s MX Bike of the Year award. With triple, 22mm clamps on the front wheels and better dampers for cornering, its most impressive improvement over last year is a near engine that make nitro boosts look prehistoric. Its frame is classically motocross and comes in two colors, black and red. It’s a fairly cheaper motorcycle with a base MSRP of $7200. Another equally impressive Honda motorcycle is the heavy duty VTX. With a 312 cc liquid cool red 52 V twin and enough power to fuel a truck, it is built for luxury. A windshield and leather saddlebags dominate the frame. An extra passenger seat is also built for comfort as well. A huge machine with a $10,000 price tag is nothing to scoff about.

If you are a four wheeling fan, you will be impressed with its TRX ATV line. It is designed for a comfortable ride with a lighter clutch pull and improved suspension settings from years past. Plus, like the CRF, it is also built for power with a 397cc engine and a steel frame that is slick enough to include a one piece cast aluminum swing arm. One last Honda motorcycle to consider is the CRF230L series. It is built like the CRF450R with a few exceptions, including its dirt cheap $4,499 asking price, six speed transmission, and a 223 cc single cylinder engine. Whether you’re using it on interstate highways, the suburbs, or on open fields, the CRF is more than capable of meeting your transportation needs.

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